Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mom to "Marnie"

I would have never imagined a year ago this time that I would be keeping my soon to be adopted first grandchild for the weekend while mom and dad celebrate their anniversary. My precious daughter and son in law had not been able to conceive on their own yet. Adoption was always something they both desired to do at some point and time, little did they know Gods timing and plan would be greater than anything they could think or imagine. You see, April 25th a year ago a precious life created by God was placed in the arms of a mother that would not be able to care for her son. This was not a surprise to our Lord, who had long before hand-picked a mother and father for this special child. In November of 2008 God brought "Baby James" into our lives. He arrived with only 5 hours notice in a car seat with one bottle and the clothes on his back. Yes, 5 hours. I have often thought how it seemed like he was just dropped out of heaven for such a time as this just for my daughter and son in law in the Lords perfect time and plan. The Lord knew from the day James was created that he would be placed in their arms on this cool November evening. He knew how much their hearts had been longing for a child of their own to hold and unconditionally love. He knew James would need to be placed in a loving family who would receive him as the precious gift he was with curls and warm brown skin and a smile that would melt your heart. How creative the Lord is! You see my daughter and son in law had decided many months prior to this that they would name their first son James. Taken from Gods word in the book of "James". James 1:7 "Pure and undefiled religion before God is this ,to care for the orphans and widows in their time of trouble" God had placed this verse and name deep in their hearts long before they met their son face to face who was given the name "James" at his birth. As my daughter and son in law celebrate their anniversary today my heart is full and overjoyed for them. While at the same time feeling so privileged to be chosen by the Lord to be the grandmother of this precious child. It is an unexplainable love that you cannot understand until you have experienced it for yourself. I am blessed beyond measure to now experience this love as a new grandmother or "Marnie" as I am called. It a new season of life I now treasure each day!
I look forward to playing an active role in the life of James and many more gifts from the Lord like him . When a mothers heart is feeling empty as her children grow and one day leave her care, our creative and thoughtful Lord fills it with the gift of a grandchild!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Father

As I think of "Fathers day", I am drawn to thoughts of my earthy father first. I cant imagine having a more wonderful father. My father was and continues to be such a beautiful picture of my heavenly Father. He is loving, giving, forgiving,compassionate and caring. He loves the Lord with all his heart,soul and mind. He has a heart for the lost and faithfully shares his faith. He is a prayer warrior and joyful giver to the church and others who have given their lives to further Gods kingdom. He is in the word and on his knees daily. He is patient and seeks Gods wisdom before making decisions. He is slow to speak and not easily angered. Yes, he has always been to me a beautiful picture of my heavenly Father. I have often asked the Lord "Why was I so blessed to be given this father?" I quickly hear the Lord responding " Where much is given much is expected, go and do likewise" . What a blessing but also a great responsibility to pass on this heritage to my children so they can in turn pass it on to their children. Fulling the great commission to be a bright light of hope in a lost world for Christ!
I pray for husbands and fathers all over the world that they too can realize this calling on their lives and become a picture of Christ to their children. I realize that many children and families do not have a Godly father in their lives. The beauty is , we have a heavenly Father that is the PERFECT Father and will fill in all the holes that are missing from our earthy fathers. Thank you Jesus that when earthly fathers fail you are there to pick up all the pieces and make something hurt, unloved, misguided,belittled, abused and or fatherless, into a new creature. Old things pass away and behold all things made NEW!
Thank you dad for showing me the way to Christ and living His life out in front of me day after day. I will always be eternally grateful and faithful to pass it on!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Admitting when we are Wrong

Today as we were sharing in Sunday School about children and the blessings and challenges that come with them, I was reminded of the importance to admit when we are wrong. This is often hard for us in general much less to our children. It is so important that they see and understand that we are not perfect and also have to ask forgiveness when needed. This may come from disciplining a child in anger or overruling dads decisions. It is ok to say " Children, mommy made a bad choice I shouldn't have gone against daddy's wishes, will you forgive me?" or "I am so sorry for raising my voice at you God is helping me in that area will you pray for me too?"
It is ok for them to see that we are not perfect parents and depend on the Lord for strength and guidance. Our children need to see us praying and reading Gods word so they will in turn seek Him also. Thank you Lord for sending your Son so that we can come to you for forgivness when we fall. What a sacrfice,what a Savior!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Peace only He can Give

As I was lying in bed last night the thought came to me that our "just married" daughter will not be coming back home. She will not be here for me to tuck into bed ,pray with and kiss goodnight, as I have since the day she was born. I was overwhelmed with emotion. She is a women now and wife to her husband. Have I done everything to prepare her for what she is about to embark on? As quickly as those thoughts and emotions hit me the Lord comforted me with His ever present "peace." "She is in my hands and I will never leave or forsake her, trust me." came that still small voice. I had to let go of that last piece of string I didn't want to let go of. As mothers this is the most difficult thing we ever do. Even though we may feel like our heart is breaking and a piece of it is gone we must remember that the one who created us will replace that piece with HIS PEACE. A peace that passes all understanding. A peace that trusts and a peace that only HE can give!
"Peace I leave with you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

Monday, June 8, 2009

Patience "Not me Lord"

I cannot tell you how many times I have been told. "You are so patient, I could never be that patient with my children. "I guess I am just not made like you" It is not me. It is only through His strength and grace that this can be accomplished. Patience does not just exude
calmness and peace. Patience is an act of the will, a fruit of the spirit. It is revealed in how we react in everyday life and the challenges that come with it. You have heard the old saying "Don't
pray for patience or God will really give it to you" Well guess what? Like anything else it is a choice. It is a character quality that God is continually trying to develop in our lives. Have you ever been in a store and hear a mother screaming at her child for knocking something over or acting out. Her response is lack of self control. You can handle the situation with patience, a purposed controlled attitude that comes from drawing upon the Lord and His strength. Are we sometimes going to loose it? Yes , we are a sinful people who serve a forgiving Savior. But I do promise you that if it is your desire to posses this fruit the Lord will help you and it will get easier. As Christan mothers it is important that we exemplify this controlled behavior not only as an example for our children but to other moms struggling with the same issues day in and day out. Yes. you too can posses a gentle,patient and quiet spirit if it truly is the desire of your heart.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Letting Go" the reward of Parenting

As I come to another "letting go" time in my life I wanted to share with you my heart.

This Saturday we will be" letting go" of our second daughter. As a parent this is what we strive and work towards. Children are only loaned to us temporally from the Lord . They are great treasures placed in our hands to mold and train to love and serve Him. Like the mother eagle pushes her eaglets out of the nest so must we when the time is right let go of our children also. We pray that we have done all we can to prepare them for living out from under our wings of protection. We pray for wisdom and discernment on their part as they head out into this world. Our reward as parents is to release a child like an arrow for the Lord that will penetrate and make a difference in a lost and dieing world for Christ. It is a difficult, yet rewarding feeling, sad yet happy, empty yet fulfilling, time in our lives as parents. Our prayer is that they will successfully fly and soar in years to come in a way that will bring Christ glory and honor. Thank you Lord for the temporary privilege to parent this precious life. As we release her back to you, we pray for her divine protection, health, and your perfect will for her life.

We love you our precious daughter, Mom and Dad

Monday, June 1, 2009

Graciousness: A Complement to True Beauty

      This is an older post I wanted to re-share with you . I pray it speaks to your heart as it did mine today. Thank you for reading.
 A gracious heart is giving heart. A heart focused on helping others. Do you see yourself as a gracious person? Are you sensitive to the needs of others above your own? God's word challenges each of us to be gracious, kind ,merciful and selfless. He know this will bring real joy and fulfillment into our lives.
    We reflect graciousness through our actions and words.  What we do and say speaks loudly to those around us.  A gracious person may seem  polished or refined on the outside but it is what is in the heart that truly matters. Graciousness reflects Christ and a heart committed to His love for mankind.  It happens as we are being conformed to His image through time in His word and prayer.
   What does it look like? It may be watching children for a an overwhelmed mother. Showing up with cooked meals to place in the freezer of a sick friend . Cleaning the home of an elderly person or helping someone who is moving with packing. (LOL , we have moved often so this one hits home with me.)  The Lord will reveal these opportunities if you ask Him too.
   My father has always been a wonderful example to me of someone with a gracious heart. He is always giving.  It may be the time he gives to disciple and encourage a new believer in Christ ( this was a natural and common occurrence  in our home growing up.)or it may be a monetary need. He often goes to garage sales and buys furniture for  new families from overseas or clothes and toys for children. He truly demonstrates  the love of Christ in this way.
 Lord, help us to truly love others through the giving of our time and talents. Help us not to focus on our inabilities but our availability. Create in us a desire to serve others above our own wants and desires.
    Exodus 33:19  "I will make all my goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you, I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion"