Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twenty One Years and Here We go Again

I always have mixed emotions this time of year. I love summertime and the freedom and great spontaneous times together. My husband is now beginning his 26th year in the public school system and I am starting my 21st year as a homeschool mom. We are for the most part always ready to get back into routine when the time comes. Being a homeschooling mom I have to switch into teacher mode which I have always looked forward too. I love being the primary influence in my children's lives and their education. I have always loved learning with them and being able to keep everything they learn Christ centered. It is a privilege and I would never trade a minute of it. I have come to realize what a small part "BOOK KNOWLEDGE" is in the training of our children. I have always enjoyed being able to be spontaneous as we learn daily life application and then being able to go to Gods word and see what He has to say to us that day.
I truly believe building character and beauty from within each child has to be a daily on purpose priority for us as mothers. It takes planning and time to nurture our children in the way God intended. What an awesome "JOB" we have. Never feel as a Mom that your task is menial or demeaning. You have the greatest "JOB" in the world , the opportunity to mold the next generation for the kingdom of GOD. Don't ever take it lightly and don't let well meaning plans or hobbies or other jobs take the place of our most important "JOB" , training Gods future solders for the kingdom of God. What a calling! Glory to God for this temporary earthy journey we are in . Help us Lord to stay focused on eternity for the sake of our CHILDREN!