Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turning 50

I love this time of year and all it brings. Cool air, flowers in bloom, birds singing and just an overall "newness of life" feeling. I'm reminded each spring even more of what it means to be
a NEW creature in Christ. My father always reminds me when I speak of getting older, that even though our outward body is wasting away, spiritually we are becoming younger each day. This thought of getting older is presently a fresh thought in my mind as I will be turning 50 next week. I don't feel that old except after I have worked all day on my feet ,drive 50 minutes home and then after sitting in the car, can hardly get out. Yes, my physical bones are decaying I can feel it!
How then shall we live? What should be our primary focus? Exercise and eating right are good things to preserve our physical body but what about our spiritual one? We our preparing our spiritual body for eternity each and every day as we spend time in His word and prayer. I pray you are seeking this renewal in your spiritual walk with our Savior! The bible says "Lest we become childlike in our faith, we will not inherit the kingdom of God." This childlike faith comes as we grow more into His likeness. So even though this earthy shell of ours is dying each day our spiritual body is becoming younger and younger. Isn't that an exciting thought! As His children He is getting us ready for a NEW LIFE with Him for eternity! Im sure looking forward to that