Friday, March 26, 2010

" Lord, I need a Vacation"

Vacations or should I say "time of refreshment and renewal" are so important not only for yourself but also your family. I was one of those mothers who was rarely away from my children and always had a difficult time leaving them . I have always enjoyed motherhood and felt that being a wife and mother is the greatest and most rewarding calling there is. I never felt like my children were a burden or kept me from "fulfilling my dreams" You see being a wife and mother had always been my dream since I was a little girl "playing house". I wanted to be like my mom. I dreamed of growing up to be like her , she was my superhero, she always reflected an attitude of fulfillment and contentment in being a stay at home wife and mother. She knew that in order to be the wife and mother God called her to be she needed times of re-fueling. I cannot stress enough to you the importance of your children feeling that your "joy" is found in your relationship with Jesus Christ which in turn enables you to exude a joy and love in being their mother. Re-fueling enables you to live this in front of them day in and day out without "growing weary". No matter what happens in your life and family children need to feel that your greatest joy comes in serving them. Humility in admitting mistakes and putting their needs before yours is "truly serving" your family. I would often tell my children that they brought me so much joy and I thanked the Lord for giving them to me daily. Yes "life happened" and it wasn't always easy and we had ,like any family our difficult days, but I always reminded them of the blessing they were to their father and I ,and we couldn't ever imagine our lives without them. I know you are wondering what this all has to do with needing a vacation. Well in order to "not grow weary in well doing", it is important that you take time away from your children to be refreshed and renewed for this awesome calling on your life". I often remember telling my husband that it was amazing what just 24 hrs did for our marriage and relationships with our children. It gave me time to reflect and regroup and most importantly regain a fresh perspective and renewed commitment to loving and serving them. In closing I encourage you to thank the Lord daily for the privilege of being a wife and mother. Plan and take time ,even if it is just a few hours, asking the Lord to fill you with renewed energy and joy and contentment in your calling as a wife and mother.
I can honestly say that when you do this you will find that even the most mundane things like folding laundry and or changing dirty diapers will bring you joy and fulfillment. Don't ever think that being a mother is just "a job" but inturn know that it is a "privileged and esteemed high calling" on your life. God hand picked you to be the mother of your children, His greatest treasures have been entrusted into your care! Thank you Lord for entrusting me with 5 of your treasures. I am eternally grateful!
"Behold, Children are a heritage from the Lord." Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Returning HOME

I just want to start off by saying that the heartbeat of where we are in this country starts at home. I count it a privilege to be a wife , mother and keeper of the home. Statistics strongly show that the decline of this nation started when mothers went into the work force. It saddens my heart when I see all the children left in the care of others day in and day out. We have sacrificed our homes and children for material gain. With all my heart I believe that money and the love of it have driven many mothers from their homes. My heart is heavy and I make no apologizes for my thoughts on this matter. Yes, I know there are exceptions and I don't at all question those since they are out of necessity to live ,but most cases are out of want.
God gives us children to love, nurture, train and teach primarily from the home. We are suffering as a nation because our children are not a priority. I pray daily for mothers to return home to their families not only in physical presence but in their hearts. The Lord desires nothing more than to see women of chaste character, discrete, keepers of the home, love their husbands and their children and earnestly seek to serve HIM. This is my heartbeat for the women of America,
A call to RETURN HOME!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Health Care What can we do?

If you are not aware, within the next 10-15 days our current President and his administration are seeking to pass a Health Care bill that will be detrimental to our country.
Yes, we do need Health care revisions, but not to the degree they are pushing on the American people. Not only will our National debt sore to even more astronomical amounts but we as taxpayers will be helping to fund Abortion and abortion providers across the country. I don't know about you but this turns my stomach and I refuse to be apathetic and allow this to happen without a fight. Our pastor preached a great sermon on this issue and encouraged us to TAKE ACTION! First and foremost we need to PRAY like never before for this bill not to pass. Second we need to tell our friends. A great website for info on this issue to share is . This website is awesome and filled with great info to keep us informed on what is taking place on a national level in our country.This is definitely a website to save to your "favorites". Third we need to contact our elected officials and voice our feelings on this issue.! Once you get to the home page of scroll down to the bottom left and click on "Contact officials" , then by entering your zip code it will take you directly to your state officials. You can choose to email or send a letter to them right then. It is that easy. I urge you to go to and make your voice known!
We must not sit idle by and let this happen without a fight. As a citizen of this wonderful country called America, founded on Gods principles which includes the Sanctity of human life, we must take a stand for what it RIGHT! I urge you to PRAY and SPEAK UP! We can make a difference if we ACT QUICKLY! Psalm 107:2 "Let the redeemed of the Lord SAY SO!"