Sunday, July 17, 2011

No greater JOY!

I recently experienced the birth of our new precious granddaughter. As the grandmother, of now 2 grandchildren, I can honestly say they do CHANGE your life! It is hard to explain the emotions you experience as you watch this precious new life come into this world. I must say I watched in awe as my daughter gave birth and the miracle of it all. The pain of labor on her face, and then the joy as she held her child for the first time. As a mother it is so precious to watch your own daughter experience this life changing event. This is truly a season of life to treasure. I am so grateful to the Lord for how he fills our empty nest with the gift of grandchildren. There is truly no greater JOY!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turning 50

I love this time of year and all it brings. Cool air, flowers in bloom, birds singing and just an overall "newness of life" feeling. I'm reminded each spring even more of what it means to be
a NEW creature in Christ. My father always reminds me when I speak of getting older, that even though our outward body is wasting away, spiritually we are becoming younger each day. This thought of getting older is presently a fresh thought in my mind as I will be turning 50 next week. I don't feel that old except after I have worked all day on my feet ,drive 50 minutes home and then after sitting in the car, can hardly get out. Yes, my physical bones are decaying I can feel it!
How then shall we live? What should be our primary focus? Exercise and eating right are good things to preserve our physical body but what about our spiritual one? We our preparing our spiritual body for eternity each and every day as we spend time in His word and prayer. I pray you are seeking this renewal in your spiritual walk with our Savior! The bible says "Lest we become childlike in our faith, we will not inherit the kingdom of God." This childlike faith comes as we grow more into His likeness. So even though this earthy shell of ours is dying each day our spiritual body is becoming younger and younger. Isn't that an exciting thought! As His children He is getting us ready for a NEW LIFE with Him for eternity! Im sure looking forward to that

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Road of Loneliness

Have you ever been in a crowded room and still felt all alone. What about in your own church with brothers and sisters in Christ who smile and say a casual hello ,but fail to take interest in or invest in the lives of others who so desire fellowship with other believers. So many times we think of being lonely as physically being alone, total quite and solitude, but this is not the kind of loneliness I am referring too. Just some examples: A workplace where values and convictions differ can bring about feelings of loneliness. A wife who longs to share spiritual intimacy with her mate. A group of women who all work outside the home and you are stay at home mom. Just to name a few, each of these scenarios, can result in feeling alone.
It is always easier to take the road of blending in, just to feel accepted and apart. Living a set apart life for Christ is not always a comfortable and cozy place to be. I have often felt lonely for not being one to partake in gossip involving other women. When you are not a gossiper you are left out of many a female conversation , sadly to say. As I was thinking about this topic , I was reminded of how lonely our Savior must have felt at times in living such a "set apart" lifestyle . Christ was so criticized, judged and rejected by his own, so called peers, the Pharisees. These were men who were considered the most "religious" people of that time. I use the word "religious" loosely since religion does not always involve a relationship with a living Savior. In the Pharisees case, they had the head knowledge followed by rules and regulations without an evident heart and life change. They were truly lost in need of a savior. Christ continued to take the narrow road less traveled because he could see the prize at the end. The bible says we are in a race as believers. Most runners run alone and keep their eyes on the goal, which is to finish the race. For us as wives and mothers there can be many distractions, how we spend our time being the biggest one. For example; shopping, tv, vacation planning , make-up and clothing , all so called "good" things but may not always be the "wise" thing. We can with Lords help, keep our focus on the goal of the upward calling of Christ Jesus. A good question to always ask ourselves is; " Will this activity bring Glory to God and or is it something that will help further His kingdom here on earth?" Try not shopping for a few weeks ,except for necessities, and you will be amazed at the time you now have available to focus on things of eternal value. It can be life changing if you are willing to give up such earthly pleasures. Our time is short and the road can be lonely but we as women , lonely or not , must run to the finish line to the hear the words ; "Well done my good and faithful daughter, you have finished well." Oh, how I pray to hear those words spoken of my life and my prayer is that you do as well.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Those Winter Days

I have to say that even though I like cold weather,hot chocolate, warms fires and blankets, I"m very much a Florida sunshine girl. After a while it becomes somewhat depressing to me and I am ready for spring and summer. What I am getting at is that seasons and weather do very much affect our emotions and state of being, not so much as a child maybe, but as an adult very much so. I start to feel like I am hibernating some days and begin to miss the day to day contact with others. SO...... my solution to fighting these emotions you ask? Well, I begin by asking the Lord to show me others that may be in the same type of situation whether it be elderly that are housebound or sick friends or just someone who may be feeling likewise, and you know what He always does. I always remember a pastor who once said; "When you start to feel down focus on what you can do for others" I have never forgotten that over the years and thus have tried to take my focus off myself and in turn focus on the needs of others. So, if you are feeling somewhat "down" on these long winter days "get out and reach out" and all of that will change. The Lord is the author and creator of our well being and emotions and that is why He tells us to "Love our neighbor as our self", feed the hungry, care for the needy, not just because they need it but how much we need it also. I challenge you today that whatever state of being you are in to reach out to a lonely and hurting world, it is all around us if we will just take our eyes off ourselves and pray that we view the world around us through Christs eyes. "By this they will know that you are my disciples if you love one another". Thank you Lord that you always have our best interest in mind if we will just heed your WORD!