Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relationships that Bring God Glory

Relationships with others are the most precious thing we posses this side of heaven.
Of course our number one and most important relationship is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our first priority is to spend time with our Lord in prayer and the reading and studying of His word. This is so important because every other relationship we have here on earth stems from our relationship with our Lord. How do we keep these earthy relationships with family,friends and co-workers healthy? Well, first and foremost you most resolve in your heart that it takes WORK and a positive attitude. The Lord desires that we treat everyone with kindness,love and respect. Yes, even if they are unloving,unkind and hurtful we are to love them! We can only do that by allowing the love of Christ to flow through us, we cannot do it in our own strength. Loving the unlovable is very difficult but God tells us to love our enemies and be kind to those who persecute us. Even when they hurt us? Yes, I have always told my children to kill them with kindness and love them in the Lord. Forgive them and pray for them. You cannot hate and love at the same time. You cannot speak unkindly of and pray for them at the same time.
So when you have these feelings I suggest you ask the Lord to show you how to love them and then start praying for them right away. It is amazing the way you will start to view those strained relationships and even more amazing how they will begin to change. It has been said that the church is guilty of wounding its own soldiers. How this must grieve the Lord and in turn cause us to be ineffective for the cause of Christ. Decide now to WORK on the relationships in your life beginning with Christ followed by those you love the most and then extended family and friends. Can you imagine the impact we as Godly wives and mothers and young women can have on a lost world if we choose to truly love the unlovely, be kind to those who hurt us and pray for our enemies. Believe me it is worth the effort and God will receive the Glory!

PS Remember it is imperative that you do your part to heal and mend broken family relationships. It is not a choice it is a command. Allow Jesus to love them through you. Ask forgiveness and forgive 70 x70. This effort on your part can be life changing for all those involved and may even change the course of generations to come and their eternal destiny!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Children of Godly Character

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. We were on vacation in the mountains and it was wonderful,cool,restful and just plain FUN! Thank you Lord for the Peaceful beauty you created.

This is a topic that is and has always been close to my heart! It grieves my heart to see parents get so caught up in making sure their children become academic scholars that they neglect their character. Now here me out ,I am not at all saying that it isn't important to grow academically, I am just saying that it is a small part of a much larger plan for their lives. Building Godly character is more important for us as parents to focus on. Building character does not JUST HAPPEN!
It is not acquired by osmosis or by hanging around the right people. Godly character is not crafted by going to church regularly or even by memorizing Bible verses. Your child's character traits have to be carefully constructed and cultivated purposefully in efforts of developing the godly character that will make your child truly great in the eyes of God.
As parents we are concerned about the food that our children eat. We know that good nutrition equals a healthier body. And the same is true when it comes to food for their character. By "feeding" your child a steady and consistent diet of good and godly character ,emulating books that expose them to a variety of different character building adventures in the material they read, you are ensuring that your child's sense of right and wrong will be fed and allowed to flourish.
I am often asked "What did you do right to have all of your children love and serve the Lord?" Well first I am careful to give the Lord all the glorify because I am just the tool made available to do His work. Godly character has always been at the heart of my child training.
It has always been a purposeful act that took priority in my everyday life as a mother. I would often read good books that were very helpful but more than anything I would read Gods word and teach His character traits of a women and or man after His own heart! This often meant limiting TV, computers and reading material that didn't exude godly character. "Junk in Junk out" We are responsible for guarding their hearts when they are under our protection. Keeping the world and its negative character traits away from penetrating the hearts of these precious lives is a responsibility we must take very seriously as their parents. Seek His wisdom and guidance for we cannot do it in our own strength but if it is the desire of your heart for your children He will provide the tools and strength if you will make yourself available! My prayer is that the Lord will raise up parents across this nation to this all consuming task of raising up mighty men and women of GOD to do His work!
It is a purposeful and planned task that must be a priority in our lives in order for the next generation to be the Godly men and women the Lord so desires. Will we accept this call from the Lord and do our part? Thank you Lord for the JOY of training our children in Your Ways.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Children truly are a "gift from the Lord" a prized possession. As parents we are called to "build up our sons and daughters" We are to lay a foundation of faith, nurturing and undergirding them with prayer and then polishing them with the teachings of Gods word. Children are sensitive and pliable-open to the gospel. They are fresh and energetic with years of service to offer Gods kingdom. Children are the most valued fruit of the kingdom, when we devalue them we cross swords with the Almighty. It is hard to fathom why everyone doesn't long to have such
prized possessions in their care? I believe we have replaced the blessing of children with the temporary things of this world.
It breaks my heart that in this day and time children are often seen as a burden instead of a blessing. They are placed in facilities to be raised by strangers in place of a mother and father. They are so many times treated like animals instead of the precious lives they are. I truly believe that there will be great judgement on our land as to how we have devalued children before and after their birth. My husband has always said that I would have had a dozen more if I could. This is because I see each child as a unique individual, created by God , a gift and reward from the Lord. I have always felt privileged that He would entrust me with such a precious gift. As I think of my children I am reminded of all the many children without loving parents and a family to call their own. I was thinking today how overjoyed our Lord would be to look out into our church congregation's and see children of all different colors and ethnic backgrounds. A church body sprinkled with salt and pepper, black and white, red and yellow. Oh how this would season our lives and glorify our Lord. He has called us, the body of Christ, to care for the many orphans in our land today. I believe it would unite us as believers ,despite our differences of race and religion, if we would all join in this gallant effort to adopt and love the fatherless. Thank you Lord for adopting us into your family. My heart is so full just thinking about it and the difference we could make in so many lives if we would be open to this great need. May we all be in an attitude of prayer as we seek His will for our lives in this area. Will you receive Gods gift of children and commit to raise them in the love and admonition of the Lord? If so, you will be blessed beyond measure and your rewards eternal. Thank you Lord for our adopted grandson James and the wonderful seasoning he has added to our lives.