Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is Here Again

Well, we are about to celebrate our 30th Christmas together. I cant believe it. What a year it has been for our family. We sold our home in January and moved on February 1st. Our daughter was married on June 6th. Our first grandchild was adopted on October 21st. These are just a few milestones that have happened in our family this year. How about yours? With each passing year our circumstances and or place of residence or maybe even number of family members can change. Christmas time for me always marks the end of a year and causes me to reflect on all Gods blessings. I think of past Christmas's and what they remind me of as our family has grown and changed. For example our family of 7 is now 10! Our children now have families of their own. We are grandparents, wow, where has the time gone. Through all of this one thing remains the same. God sent his son to this world through the virgin Mary to live a sinless life and then die on a cross for our sins that we might have eternal life. This is why we celebrate this season. Yes, the presents, lights and parties are all fun but JESUS is truly the reason for Christmas. We celebrate his birthday, the greatest gift of all! It is so important that we teach and share this truth with our children so they can grow up knowing the real meaning of the season. Teaching them to know and come to a saving knowledge of Him is the greatest gift we can ever give them!
Do they see Jesus in us day in and day out? Do we tell them often of His love for them ? Reminding them of how he came to this earth ,lived and died so that we might LIVE! If we do not then we are withholding the the truth of Christmas! Let us be so careful to plan our activities in a way that keep our focus on why we celebrate! This is what our children will remember,not the gifts but the GIVER of life. Happy Birthday JESUS!