Friday, November 19, 2010

Grace so Amazing

Well I have been absent for awhile and I apologize. As you all know we go through many different seasons in our lives. I have been in a "Menopausal season". Well to say the least it is not an easy road. I have my up days and down days but for the most part it is an emotional roller coaster for me. I keep wanting to just get through it and just be over it altogether. The Lord continues to remind me that His grace is sufficient each day. He has showed me that like any season of life we need to embrace it and allow Him to do His refining work in our life through whatever it is we are going through. I must say that it is not as easy as it sounds. Only by His grace am I able to trust Him in every area of my life so why should this be any different.
I want to encourage you my sister in the Lord that whatever season of life you are in, the Lord is with you. Christ understands all and will provide the grace we need.
May we desire only, in all ,to be more and more conformed to His image! This is the GOAL!

Blessed are thou, O child of God, who sufferest
And canst not understand
The reason for thy pain, yet gladly leavest
Thy life in His blest Hand.
Yea, blessed art thou whose faith is "not offended"
By trials unexplained,
By mysteries unsolved,past understanding,
Until the GOAL is gained!

By Freda Hanbury Allen