Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am often reminded that our life's journey is about the choices we make. I was once told "It is not the chosen few but the few who choose" We often think that our circumstances are just happen-chance but that is a mis-conception. Our circumstances are a result of our daily choices.
When I hear someone say "I just don't have time to do that" what they are really saying is "I'm choosing to do something else with my time ". You may be asking "where is she going with all this?" Well , I strongly feel that what we deal with day in and day out is a result of our own choices. Our choices whether good or bad don't just affect us but everyone around us. For example love is not just a feeling but an act of the will. It is a choice we make to love our husband, children and extended family members and so forth. After the choice is made the feelings will follow. For instance, you don't just stop loving someone , you choose to stop loving them.
As wives and mothers we choose to love and serve the Lord. We choose to have a servants heart towards our family. We choose to repond in a quiet and patient manner. We choose to put others needs before our own. We don't always feel like making these choices but if we seek Gods wisdom in making the right choices His strength and grace will follow. Lord, please help us ,as women after your own heart , to make the right choices despite our feelings. May our choices be those that are pleasing to you. Help us to live above mediocre happen-chance and instead live "on purpose" lives resulting from Godly choices that will inturn enable us to make a difference in the lives of others. Ask yourself " What am I choosing to do or say this very minute and will it bring honor and glory to God . Remember that our legacy will be a direct result of the choices we make on a daily bases. Start by choosing to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and the rest is his-story! John 3:16

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Trusting" when the Future is Uncertain

Trusting, what does it really mean? It is very easy to say but how do we live it out? Over the last few weeks I have been challenged in this area. I went for a regular doctor visit and was diagnosed with thyroid disease. I was sent for a ultra sound in which the doctors saw something they did not like. Over the next few weeks I had another ultra- sound and then a Cat scan and finally a biopsy on a cyst located behind my thyroid. It was difficult at times to not get anxious or caught up in the worry and "what ifs".
I was often reminded in my daily time with the Lord that He was in total control and I need not worry. It was amazing the peace I experienced over those weeks of uncertainty. Trusting our Lord and Savior is not just a feeling, it is the act of not allowing our emotions to swirl out of control. It is realizing His sovereignty and omni-presence in every situation we face. It is an unexplainable joy followed by a strength the world cannot understand. It is knowing that nothing happens to us that is not filtered through Gods hands first. The more heavenly minded
we are the less important these earthy trials seem. As Christians we know the end of the story , we know where our eternal destiny lies and the victory we posses as believers. We are over- comers in Christ Jesus and the things of this world cannot defeat us. Even in these uncertain and turbulent times in our country ,it is important that we live victoriously! We are children of a RISEN LORD who has overcome this old world! 'The JOY of the Lord is our Strength"Neh 8:10. Well, there is a good ending to the story. My cyst was not malignant ,praise God, but more importantly trusting God and giving Him the honor and Glory no matter what the outcome is the real lesson here and as I said before, we know how the story ENDS!! Don't keep it to yourself, go and tell the GOOD NEWS!