Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holidays and Family

With the Holidays around the corner comes time with family. I love that the Holidays bring family together, especially when they live distances apart, and it is the only time throughout the year that you get to see certain family members. As wonderful as the Holidays are ,it doesn't come without tension,disappointment and stress. We have the best intentions , we have high expectations of everything going perfectly as planned with everyone smiling and getting along as though not a care in the world exists. But in reality we all know that this is not possible. Since Adam and Eve we have lived in a fallen world where sin lives within each and every one of us. As hard as we try, because of this sin, not even the best of families are exempt from things going array. I personally believe that family gatherings and holidays are Gods way of building character within each of us if we allow it! They are a gentle reminder that no mater how much you love your family they will fail you. Plans will fail, hurt feelings arise and expectations are shattered. Does this mean we are to dread the time with family and Holidays in general. Most definitely not! I can honestly tell you though, that I was at a place where I did until the Lord revealed a great truth to me. It was not audible but I knew it was for me. " As long as we live in a fallen and imperfect world with imperfect people forgiveness must be forefront on your heart or you will be miserable and live in a state of disappointment always especially around the holidays." Since the Lord revealed this truth to me I have had such freedom and joy during this time of year. Yes it still hurts and there are floods of emotions when family members say and do things that don't go as planned, but remember they are not our plans to begin with, they are the Lords if we have given them to Him in the first place. When we give our loved ones and plans to Him there is a sweet release that He is in control and all things will work for our good. Remember high expectations of others is always a dangerous thing.
None of us are above sin ,and where people exist so does hurt and disappointment, even with those we love the most. I guess the message I am trying to get across is "Commit your ways unto the Lord and your plans will be established" Pray and remain in an attitude of forgiveness of those around you, most importantly your family. As wives and mothers we must remember that we set the tone , so it is crucial that we seek the Lord daily and respond in Christlike character during these times. Our children will follow our example. Remember what comes out of the mouth is an indicator of what is in the heart! Look forward to this time of year, embrace it ,plan and prepare fun activities with family, make the effort to seek restoration in broken relationships. This is God's design and will ,that we love, forgive and receive one another, faults and all because HE so loved and forgave and receives us just as we are! Have a Blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!