Monday, July 19, 2010

Im Back! "Summer Thoughts"

Well it just seems time is flying and before we know our summer is over. I feel like my life is changing fast and as I am getting older time is fleeting. We are having a great summer. I love Florida weather, even though I do complain about the heat, I truly love living in the sunshine state. We were just at the beach for a week, not long enough, I truly do think I could stay a month. I truly am a beach girl at heart! I just love sitting at the water with my umbrella chair ,the waves cresting over my feet and legs keeping me cool and a book in my hand. Looking at the ocean I am so reminded of the overwhelming vastness of our God! I always feel I can reflect on my life and talk to the Lord in a way like no other when I am there. I really think I could live on the beach and be very content. I would love to one day have a home on the beach if the Lord so wills. As for my husband he would prefer to be in the woods where he could hunt year round. I guess we will have to find a happy medium when that time comes. As we are still in the middle of our summer months I just want to encourage you to plan activities together with your children. It may be just pulling weeds at your church and then going out for ice cream, Blackberry picking, watching old family videos together. Whatever it is planning family time is essential in this day and time when we stay so busy. As Moms we are also the"activity directors" for our children. It is easy to let them sit in front of a tv or computer for entertainment ,but is it wise? Be proactive in making your summer a memorable one by sitting down with your children and planning things to do. I love games and puzzles and sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get family members to participate with me but when they do they are always glad and we laugh and have such fun together. These are also times where great conversations can take place, sharing and reconnecting with each other is so important in this day and time. So in closing don't let the summer get away from you without being intentional about planning family activities that will make your summer a memorable one! Have fun and be spontaneous!!