Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Those Winter Days

I have to say that even though I like cold weather,hot chocolate, warms fires and blankets, I"m very much a Florida sunshine girl. After a while it becomes somewhat depressing to me and I am ready for spring and summer. What I am getting at is that seasons and weather do very much affect our emotions and state of being, not so much as a child maybe, but as an adult very much so. I start to feel like I am hibernating some days and begin to miss the day to day contact with others. SO...... my solution to fighting these emotions you ask? Well, I begin by asking the Lord to show me others that may be in the same type of situation whether it be elderly that are housebound or sick friends or just someone who may be feeling likewise, and you know what He always does. I always remember a pastor who once said; "When you start to feel down focus on what you can do for others" I have never forgotten that over the years and thus have tried to take my focus off myself and in turn focus on the needs of others. So, if you are feeling somewhat "down" on these long winter days "get out and reach out" and all of that will change. The Lord is the author and creator of our well being and emotions and that is why He tells us to "Love our neighbor as our self", feed the hungry, care for the needy, not just because they need it but how much we need it also. I challenge you today that whatever state of being you are in to reach out to a lonely and hurting world, it is all around us if we will just take our eyes off ourselves and pray that we view the world around us through Christs eyes. "By this they will know that you are my disciples if you love one another". Thank you Lord that you always have our best interest in mind if we will just heed your WORD!