Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Blessings

Wow, another year has gone by which means I am another year older. The older I get the more I focus on Gods overflowing blessings in my life. I have a wonderful husband of 29 years. I have 5 incredible children, 2 awesome son -in-laws and 1 new son-in-law to be and last but not least my "practically perfect in every way grandson James"! What more can I ask for. My father always says "age is an attitude" ,oh how true that is. Of course when you get ready to get another year older you want to do things to stay young, so yes you guessed it I started a diet this week to eat healthier and yes ,I can afford to lose a few pounds. I also started exercising more. I even did an hour long beginners yoga dvd to stay limber and relaxed. LOL My daughter got a kick out of watching that! It is funny the things we do to try to stay younger and healthy and feeling good about ourselves. Who doesn't want to feel good? So yes ,it is ok to work on our physical being as long as we continue to work on our spiritual being as well. Each year it is important to re-evaluate our relationship with the Lord.
Are we as faithful in spending time with Him daily as we are to eat our next meal. Do we truly desire to grow into His likeness and image? What steps are we taking to do so. There is a scripture that talks about our physical body decaying ,but inwardly as we seek Him we are being renewed day by day. Yes, I do want a great big piece of Publix chocolate cake for my birthday but much more than that I want to be so in tune with the Lord that I hear His voice and see His face daily! I desire that my life reflect Him and bring Him glory each day. I truly want to be able to say " Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before".